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Conscription in Russia: 15 new conscripts run away, another 2 kill themselves

Thursday, 3 November 2022, 18:19

Newly conscripted Russians are defecting en masse in order not to go to war in Ukraine; some of them cannot withstand the pressure and even commit suicide.

Source: evening report by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine0 on Facebook

Details: According to the data provided by the General Staff, the previously conscripted personnel of the Russian army are in a bad moral and psychological state, which leads to emergencies at deployment centres. 


Thus, more than 15 people, soldiers and sergeants in units of the 57th Motor Rifle Division of the so-called territorial forces have gone AWOL [absent without leave] during training in Kazan; another two conscripts committed suicide during redeployment to Ukraine. 

Furthermore, the General Staff reported that the main problem of the occupation forces that are already operating in Ukraine (except for fighters serving in private military companies), is still quite poor knowledge of their personnel, and a quick failure of military equipment that had previously been decommissioned and did not undergo any appropriate maintenance.

Previously: Earlier, the General Staff had reported that Russia was continuing the conscription campaign covertly, in spite of its official statements that the campaign was over.

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