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Putin decorates Kherson Oblast collaborator Stremousov posthumously

Wednesday, 9 November 2022, 21:31

Russian President Vladimir Putin has posthumously awarded the Order of Courage medal to Kirill Stremousov, one of the Russian-installed puppet leaders of the Kherson Oblast occupation authorities. 

Source: Putin's decree on the Kremlin website

Details: Following Russian media reports of Stremousov's death in a traffic accident, Putin signed a decree awarding this supporter of "Russian world" the Order of Courage on 9 November. [Russkiy mir, literally "Russian world" or "Russian order", is the concept of total domination of Russian culture over other cultures; it gives rise to and "legitimises" Russia’s current expansionist, colonial politics - ed.]


Quote from the decree: "For the courage and bravery shown in the line of duty, to award the Order of Courage to Kirill Sergeevich Stremousov, Deputy Head of the Military-Civilian Administration of Kherson Oblast (posthumously)."

Previously: Russian media reported on 9 November that Kirill Stremousov had died in a traffic accident. A lorry driver was allegedly responsible for the accident; the armoured car of the collaborator exploded on impact.

A few days ago, Putin posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia to Mikhail Vasiliev, a clergyman of the Moscow diocese who died in the war in Ukraine on 6 November. This Russian priest was famous for stating that if women in Russia bore more children it would be easier for them to send their sons away to fight.

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