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Belarusian forces plan to "take under protection" asset on border with Ukraine during army inspection

Tuesday, 13 December 2022, 15:12
Belarusian forces plan to take under protection asset on border with Ukraine during army inspection

As part of a surprise inspection of the Belarusian army, one of the military units has been tasked to cover and take under protection an asset on the country’s southern border, that is, on the border with Ukraine.

Source: Alexander Volfovich, State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus; the Ministry of Defence of Belarus

Quote: "Today [13 December – ed.], one of the units stationed in the southern operational direction has been called to standby and has been put on alert since 8:00.


It was tasked with moving out and covering, taking under protection an asset on the southern border.

The inspection will be further intensified. Almost all of the operational commands and their military units will be checked.

The results of the inspection will be deeply analysed and reported to the Head of the State."

Details: Belarus borders Ukraine to the south.

According to Volfovich, the inspection of the leadership of the Armed Forces of Belarus is being conducted suddenly.

During this inspection in Belarus, it is planned to carry out "a march over long distances, amidst an unfamiliar terrain, where the task of taking under protection various assets, engaging the firing lines, performing fire and tactical tasks will be carried out".

Volfovich has also said that during the inspection "tasks will be set based on the analysis of the experience of the 'special military operation' [as Russian propaganda calls the war against Ukraine – ed.] in Ukraine".

Background: On 13 December, Belarus started to suddenly check the combat readiness of its army on the instructions of self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko; Belarus is also moving some of the equipment closer to the border with Ukraine.

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