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Russia fires more than 70 missiles at Ukraine in an hour

Friday, 16 December 2022, 09:08
Russia fires more than 70 missiles at Ukraine in an hour

Russia launched a new massive strike on the territory of Ukraine on the morning of 16 December, firing 72 missiles alone before 09:00. 

Source: Ukrainska Pravda sources 

Details: According to Ukrainska Pravda, the total barrage of Russian missiles flying into Ukraine as of 09:00 amounted to 72 missiles.


Air-raid sirens continue to sound throughout the country.


  • At about 08:00 on Friday, air-raid sirens began to be sounded across Ukraine. Vitalii Kim, Head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, reported that about 60 missiles had been launched.
  • They hit energy infrastructure in Kharkiv and a residential building in Kryvyi Rih. It was reported that air defence systems were operating in Kyiv Oblast and the capital, as well as in Poltava Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast and other oblasts.

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