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Medvedev states that Russia needs security guarantees "in order to normalise the situation"

Sunday, 25 December 2022, 22:03
Medvedev states that Russia needs security guarantees in order to normalise the situation

Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has stated that Russia must receive the highest possible "security guarantees" in order to normalise a situation that could lead to World War Three.

Source: Medvedev in his article for Rossiyskaya Gazeta (a Russian newspaper) published by the Russian Government.

Quote from Medvedev: "New disarmament agreements are now unrealistic and unnecessary. The sooner maximum security guarantees are obtained which suit our country, the sooner the situation will normalise.


If we do not receive them, the tension will remain indefinitely. The world will continue to teeter on the brink of World War III and nuclear catastrophe. We will do everything to prevent them."

Details: Medvedev states that the only thing restraining the "enemies" of the Russian Federation today is "the understanding that Russia will be guided by the Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of nuclear deterrence, and in the case of a real threat, will act in accordance with them."

"The trouble is that in this case, no one will subsequently understand whether it was a retaliatory strike or a preventive one. This, of course, scares Western benefactors, who for a long time gave the Ukrainian political rabble the illusion of invulnerability and impunity in exchange for complete obedience. Therefore, the Western world is balancing between the burning desire to humiliate, insult, dismember and destroy Russia as much as possible on the one hand, and the desire to avoid a nuclear apocalypse on the other," said the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council.


Medvedev also admitted that Russia was seeking to end the existence of the legally elected Ukrainian government.

Quote from Medvedev: "We will make all the necessary efforts so that all the goals of the special military operation [special term used by Russia for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, so as not to call the war a war - ed.] are achieved. And the disgusting regime of the Kyiv nationalists has ceased to exist. Today, no one else can cope with this mission except for us."

Background: Medvedev has repeatedly threatened Ukraine with the use of nuclear weapons and made other aggressive statements.

In November, he stated that Ukraine's liberation of its territories is a  "direct reason" for Russia to use nuclear weapons, and also that Russia is fighting against Satan and could send everyone to hell.

He also claimed that Kyiv is a "Russian city" and hinted that Russia is going to seize it.


  • In early December, French President Emmanuel Macron said the West had to consider how Russia’s need for security guarantees could be met if Putin agreed to negotiations on ending the war in Ukraine.
  • This statement was criticised both in Ukraine and in a number of European capitals. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland stated that if anyone needs security guarantees, it is Ukraine and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In Helsinki, they also said that in the current circumstances, guarantees are not needed for Russia, but guarantees against Russia. The Prime Minister of Estonia noted that prematurely starting peace negotiations with Russia is dangerous, and not only for Ukraine.
  • After this criticism, Macron said that his words had been exaggerated.

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