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Putin records New Years greeting with uniformed people in background

Saturday, 31 December 2022, 14:45
Putin records New Years greeting with uniformed people in background

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin recorded New Year’s greetings to the Russians with people in military uniform in the background. 

Source: Russian state-owned media outlet RIA Novosti 

Details: The year 2023 has come to Kamchatka Krai at 14:00 Kyiv time; Putin’s speech was posted online. 


The media publish main points from the dictator’s speech.

Putin Quote: "Last year was a turning point that will become the foundation of the future and independence of Russia. 

The truth is on our side, we are protecting our people on our historical territories. 

For many years, the Western elites have been assuring us of their peaceful intentions, in Donbas region in particular, all the while supporting neo-nazis."

More details: The main aggressor has thanked the Russian soldiers for their "strength of  spirit and courage" and voiced his conviction that Russia will "overcome any difficulties, and will remain great and independent".

For reference: There is no information that the people standing next to Putin are military personnel. 

In particular, social media voiced a suspicion that the dictator once again used his actors.


Previously: At the time of this recording’s broadcasting, Putin was shelling Ukraine. Ukrainian officials report on the strikes in the cities of Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi and Mykolaiv.

One person died in the shelling, 13 others were wounded and a significant amount of destruction was reported in the capital.

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