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Over 600 bodies transported in truckloads: Russia hides Makiivka losses, fearing rebellion

Tuesday, 10 January 2023, 18:21
Over 600 bodies transported in truckloads: Russia hides Makiivka losses, fearing rebellion

In a new intercepted call released by the Chief Intelligence Department of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry, a Russian occupier tells his wife that the Russian authorities are keeping quiet about the events in Makiivka to prevent a rebellion when in fact, over 600 Russian invaders died there.

Source: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Details: In the conversation, the Russian's wife tells her husband that the Russians have been taking corpses out of Makiivka "in truckloads" and that 610 people were in fact killed. She was apparently told that by the relatives of another Russian occupier who was directly involved in transporting the bodies.


Quote: "He personally transported the bodies of these people from Makiivka and from another [settlement]... from the hospital. He says 610 people died in Makiivka. He says, ‘I drove 12 Kamaz trucks [filled with bodies – ed.]’."

In response, the occupier agrees and claims he had already told his wife about it, but she believed what the Russian authorities said.

The Russian soldier’s wife also said Vladimir Putin's New Year greeting for 2023 was the lamest she had ever seen.


  • The Defence Forces of Ukraine launched an attack on a Russian military base in occupied Makiivka in Donetsk Oblast on New Year's Eve, killing 400 and wounding 300 occupiers to varying degrees of severity. The Russian soldiers were stationed in the building of local vocational school no. 19.
  • Igor Girkin (Strelkov), a Russian terrorist and a former so-called "Minister of Defence of the Donetsk People's Republic", confirmed the mass killing of Russian servicemen in occupied Makiivka.
  • The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation reported that the death toll following the strike on the Russian servicemen’s base in Makiivka had risen to 89.

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