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Ukraine already brought back bodies of 54 defenders from Olenivka: DNA examination ongoing

Thursday, 12 January 2023, 17:23
Ukraine already brought back bodies of 54 defenders from Olenivka: DNA examination ongoing

After tough negotiations and with the mediation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Ukraine has already managed to bring back 54 bodies of defenders from Olenivka.

Source: Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories

Details: It is reported that DNA examinations are currently ongoing, which in this case is time-consuming. The families of the victims are worried about how soon the identification process will be completed.


Ivan Anhelin, a representative from the Office of the Commissioner for Missing Persons, explained the DNA examination algorithm and the reasons for the lengthy process:

Quote: "After bringing back the bodies of the fallen heroes, we hand them over to specialised institutions for forensic examination. Then the investigator reports information about the deceased directly to the relatives. The lengthy DNA examination is linked to the investigation of other aspects of the crime in Olenivka."

More details: The issue of identification of the bodies was discussed at a meeting of the Coordination Staff on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, where family members of the military were also present.

The participants at the meeting agreed to take measures to speed up the process of identification of bodies and in particular to find an opportunity to increase the number of relevant laboratories.


  • On 29 July, Russian media reported the shelling of a penal colony in Olenivka, Donetsk Oblast, where Ukrainian prisoners were being held. Propagandists claimed that there were at least 53 killed.
  • The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces states that the Russians were trying to hide the torture and murder of prisoners. Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence believes that the killing of Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka in Donetsk Oblast was organised by the Wagner Group [a Russian private military company] on the personal instructions of Yevgeny Prigozhin, without coordination with the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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