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Documents suggesting Putin's oncological check ups classified in Russia

Monday, 13 February 2023, 13:58
Documents suggesting Putin's oncological check ups classified in Russia

The contracts of the Central Clinical Hospital with the Medical Clinic of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, thanks to which journalists previously learned that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was being observed by an oncologist, have disappeared from the Russian state procurement website.

Source: Nastoyashee Vremya [Current Time] 

Details: The data is reported to have disappeared no earlier than in September 2022.


Journalists noted that the documents cannot be found through the search bar, and when going to the contract page via a direct link, a message appears saying that the "contract register has been amended to the information about the contract, according to which the information and documents should not be placed on the official state procurement website".

It is reported that in November 2022, the Russian authorities classified a number of state procurements, in particular to ensure the activities of diplomatic missions, the FSB and the Foreign Intelligence Service, as well as to prepare for mobilisation.

Sistema, an investigative project of the Nastoyashee Vremya and Radio Liberty asked the Central Clinical Hospital to comment on the procurement secrecy, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Why it's important: The Central Clinical Hospital provides medical services for the top-tier people of Russia. In April 2022, the Proyect publication published an investigation on the doctors of the Central Clinical Hospital, who regularly accompany Vladimir Putin on trips around Russia.

Journalists analysed data on state procurement and found out that most often Putin is accompanied by a surgeon specialising in thyroid cancer and ENT. It was also noted that the president was accompanied on various trips by 6 to 13 specialists.

Judging by the purchases published before the declassification, in 2022 the doctors of the Central Clinical Hospital continued to accompany Putin. Journalists found contracts for the accommodation of medical workers in the Valdai rest house near Putin's residence in the Novgorod Oblast, as well as in the Sochi sanatoriums Dagomys, Sochi and Rus.

At the same time, the outlet notes that in January 2020, for the first time in several years, a contract was not concluded for the accommodation of doctors in the hotels of the ski resort Laura in Sochi. Journalists believe that this may indicate that Putin has stopped visiting this resort.

In June 2022, the media reported that Putin underwent treatment for an advanced form of cancer.

It was also reported that the Main Radio Frequency Center carefully monitors all publications in the mass media and social networks about the alleged "critical state of health" of the Russian dictator.

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