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Lloyd Austin listed weapons Ukraine to be supplied with in anticipation of its spring offensive

Tuesday, 14 February 2023, 20:40
Lloyd Austin listed weapons Ukraine to be supplied with in anticipation of its spring offensive
Lloyd J. Austin, AFP via Getty Images

Lloyd Austin, the Minister of Defence of the USA, stated that the members of the Contact Group for the Defence of Ukraine are united and filled with determination to continue supporting Ukraine, and believe in Ukraine’s success during the spring offensive.

Source: Lloyd Austin at the press conference following the meeting of the Contact group for the defence of Ukraine in Brussels, Interfax-Ukraine

Quote: "We see that the Russian Federation is deploying new troops on the battlefield. What Ukraine wants to do right now is to set conditions at the front in its favour. We expect Russia’s new offensive in the spring.


This is why together with our partners from the Contact Group we are working tirelessly so that Ukraine has the advantage in armoured vehicles in order to produce a desirable effect at the front."

Details: Austin added that he believes that Ukraine will be able to show initiative and create favourable conditions for itself.

"We demonstrated with our joint efforts that we are eager to support Ukraine and its independence for as long as needed. We will continue taking decisive measures," Austin assured the public.

He stated that at the beginning of February, the US announced another military aid package for Ukraine, particularly HIMARS systems and shells for it, anti-tank shells. In addition to this, the US allocated $1.75 billion for strengthening the defence capacity of Ukraine.

The Head of the Pentagon stressed that next week will mark a year since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion into the territory of its peaceful neighbouring country Ukraine. He remarked that Moscow "inflicted a year of tragedy and terror on Ukraine", and the world admires the Ukrainians’ courage.

Austin emphasised that Ukraine’s allies will continue to make efforts to supply Ukraine with everything it needs: "This is why we discussed the synchronisation of our efforts."

The Head of the Pentagon reported that the members of the Contact Group have made a decision to supply Ukraine with: the Bradley and Abrams tanks – from the US, the Challenger tanks – from Great Britain, modernised tanks – from the US, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, and the T-72 tanks – from Poland.

Military aid also includes important steps from Canada, Germany, Spain, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal concerning the supply of Leopard tanks.

Quote: "Today we heard about the supply of powerful air defence systems. France and Italy will jointly supply Ukraine with an air defence system. France also announced its cooperation with Australia in the production of the 155 calibre shells."

Details: Austin remarked that for him and his colleagues, the guarantee of supplied weapons being used as intended and "measures that prevent the spread of arms" are a priority.

He added that the members of the Contact Group are united and filled with determination to continue working in order to guarantee Ukraine’s security. 

Background: After the Ramstein meeting in Brussels Lloyd Austin reported that he has no news concerning supplying Ukraine with combat jets. 

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