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Number of Russian soldiers killed increases five times in February – BBC

Friday, 17 February 2023, 18:08
Number of Russian soldiers killed increases five times in February – BBC

The number of Russian soldiers who were killed in the war in Ukraine has increased sharply since the beginning of February.

Source: Russian BBC branch

Details: Journalists state that during the last 14 days, the number of confirmed Russian losses has been five times higher than the usual weekly numbers, which can be a sign of an offensive that Russia started in Donbas.


Quote: "Confirmed losses have begun to rise since the middle of December. Then during the whole year of 2022, Russian sources usually reported about 250-300 soldiers killed. These numbers doubled in January.

Just in the two weeks of February, the Russian BBC service in conjunction with the Mediazona media outlet (considered a "foreign agent" in Russia) and a team of volunteers managed to confirm the names of 1,679 killed soldiers, which exceeds the usual weekly numbers five times. This is the biggest increase of the Russian personnel losses in all time of the Russian invasion.

And this is the information that we managed to find and check with the help of open sources, so the real number of losses is undoubtedly bigger."


Details: The open sources report about deaths of 1,121 mobilised Russians, 40% of whom died within the period from 1 January.


Earlier, the BBC service reported that almost half of the killed Russian mobilised soldiers whose names have been established died in 2023.  

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