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Every day 10-20 citizens of Russia and Belarus who want to live in Lithuania express support for war

Friday, 17 February 2023, 19:23

Every day, 10 to 20 Russian and Belarusian citizens applying for a residence permit or national visa in Lithuania declare their support for the Russian invasion.

Source: Evelina Gudzinskaitė, Head of the Department of Migration of Lithuania, cited by Vakarų ekspresas news outlet, as European Pravda reports

Quote: "I was very surprised by the fact that we receive a relatively large number of reports, from 10 to 20, that they [citizens of Russia and Belarus – ed.] approve of the war, and support what is happening in Ukraine," she said.


Details: Gudzinskaitė did not specify what share of the total number of all applications that is.

Applicants must describe in detail their past, their connection to military intelligence structures, and express their views on the war in Ukraine.

Quote: "[There are] questions of who Crimea belongs to and what they think of the war started by Russia. And some say they are apolitical, that they are not interested in these matters. However, when you are in this situation and there is a war going on, you cannot sit on two chairs. It's really surprising how many people are on Russia's side," Gudzinskaitė said.


She noted that the information presented has a decisive impact on decisions regarding their stay in the country. Those who support the war cannot obtain a residence permit.

Gudzinskaitė also notes that in many cases, a person's request is not granted for other reasons. For example, if the newcomer poses a threat to state security or public order.

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