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Zelenskyy arrives in Lithuania to attend Three Seas Summit, announces signing of another security agreement

Ukrainian defence minister discusses ammunition shortage with his Lithuanian counterpart

Lithuania donates M577 armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine – photo

Lithuania to purchase about 3,000 FPV drones for Ukrainian military

Ukrainian PM visits Lithuania

Ukraine holds talks with Lithuania on security agreement

Lithuanian president backs idea of NATO military support fund for Ukraine

Ukrainian investors ready to finance broad gauge railway to ports in Poland and Lithuania for grain transit

Ukrainian Defence Minister and Commander-in-Chief discuss situation on the frontline with Lithuanian counterparts

EU leaders are increasingly in favour of Russia's defeat in Ukraine – Lithuanian President

Lithuania provides Ukraine with anti-drone systems

Lithuania donates €35 million for Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine

Lithuania urges partners to provide Ukraine with mine clearance equipment and training

Enough of red lines – Lithuanian President on foreign troops in Ukraine

Lithuanian customs office confiscates first car with Russian number plates

Lithuanian Foreign Minister advises supporters of "peace" with Russia to watch Ukrainian documentary about Mariupol

Latvian PM compares Russia to dysfunctional alcoholic or drug addict

Lithuania sends 155-mm munitions to Ukraine

Russia will continue to foment new conflicts if it is not stopped – Lithuanian Foreign Minister

Russia can continue war in Ukraine for at least two more years – Lithuania's intelligence

Lithuanian farmers say they have problems with Russian grain, not Ukrainian

Ammunition procurement for Ukraine: Lithuania to join Czech initiative

Lithuania bans cars with Russian number plates

Lithuania denies allegations of re-exporting laundered Ukrainian grain to Poland

Polish farmers will partially block traffic on border with Lithuania from Friday

West lags behind Russia in arms production, support for Kyiv is critical – Lithuanian president

Lithuanian PM urges NATO and EU to demonstrate resilience to Russian influence on Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day

Baltic states condemn Russia's intention to hold presidential elections in Ukraine's occupied territories

Russia may suddenly attack NATO; there's no telling how much time we have left – Lithuanian Foreign Minister

Russian reconnaissance sonar found on Lithuanian coast