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Ukrainian crew shooting from Leopard 2 shown by ambassador

Monday, 20 February 2023, 17:10

Oleksii Makeiev, Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, has published a video of Ukrainian soldiers’ training, they are mastering Leopard 2A6 tanks.

Source: European Pravda

Quote: "The first shot from a German Leopard 2A6 tank by the Ukrainian crew during training at the military training ground in the city of Munster, Germany! It was recorded today from the German Fuchs armoured personnel carrier," the ambassador said on Facebook.


Background: Makeiev visited the training of Ukrainian troops together with Boris Pistorius, German Federal Minister of Defence, who confirmed that the training is going according to plan.

Germany plans to deliver battle tanks to Ukraine by the end of March.

On 17 February, Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor, in Munich called on international partners who are armed with Western-style battle tanks to send them to Ukraine immediately.


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