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UK Defence Intelligence: Russia's "most advanced" tank will not be used in Ukraine over fears of reputational damage

Senior Russian official says Russia will not use "state-of-the-art" Armata tanks in Ukraine due to their high price

Ukrainian forces post video of US-made Abrams tank in action in Ukraine for first time ever – video

Czech partner of Ukrainian Defenсe Industry has not started repairing T-64 tanks for Kyiv

More than 500 Russian tanks destroyed by Ukraine's Security Service over year

Ammunition, tanks and drones: Denmark prepares €1 billion aid package for Ukraine

Switzerland permits tank delivery to Germany, stipulating they must not be given to Ukraine

Rheinmetall to deliver 25 Leopard 1A5 tanks to Ukraine next year

Two Russian T-72s destroyed after trying to assault Ukraine's positions on Kupiansk front

Israeli tanks cut off key road in Gaza Strip

Ukraine's Security Service detains Russian cooperators in Donetsk Oblast

Ukraine obtains three modifications of Leopard tanks

US completes delivery of Abrams tanks promised to Ukraine

Leopard tanks damaged on front line in Ukraine to be repaired in Lithuania

Ukraine receives first Leopard tanks from Poland after repairs

First Abrams tanks are already in Ukraine – Zelenskyy

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief: Ukraine to use Abrams tanks for well-planned operations

Danish Defence Ministry acknowledges defects in Leopard 1A5 tanks sent to Ukraine

Ukraine receives 10 Stridsvagn 122 tanks with trained crews from Sweden

Ukraine did not accept 10 German Leopard 1 tanks due to their poor condition – Spiegel

Denmark and other countries to send additional 45 tanks to Ukraine

Abrams tanks to be in Ukraine soon – Austin

First 10 Leopard 1 tanks from 3 countries arrive in Ukraine

Pentagon extends training of Ukrainian troops on Abrams tanks

Russians hit UK-made Challenger 2 tank

Ukraine to receive first 10 Abrams tanks in September

Ukraine only lost 5 out of 71 Leopard 2 tanks during summer in counteroffensive – Forbes

Greece might send Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine

US approves transfer of first batch of Abrams tanks to Ukraine

First Abrams tanks may arrive in Ukraine in September