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Lukashenko's regime plans to recruit 150,000 Belarusians to the "people's militia"

Monday, 20 February 2023, 21:26
Lukashenko's regime plans to recruit 150,000 Belarusians to the people's militia

Belarusian Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin said that 100,000-150,000 Belarusians may join the "people's militia". 

Source: Belarusian State Agency BelTA

Details: Lukashenko's subordinates believe that the number of the so-called "people's militia" may be 100,000-150,000 people.


Quote from Khrenin: "We have enough mobilisation resources, which are registered in our military commissariats. We have conducted an inspection and see that not all of them will be involved according to the mobilisation plan.

They are primarily those people who are already trained and know how to use weapons. But we do not rule out that those people who have not received military training, including women, may also become volunteers."

Details: According to Khrenin, training courses are provided for volunteers: "we can train people in a short period of time. Both during the creation of the people's militia and before the creation, in peacetime."


Belarus is preparing a "law" for the militia. 

In particular, they plan to regulate the composition and number, but tasks for the "people's militia" will be determined by local authorities.

According to the document, people who have joined the ranks of the "people's militia" will be placed at their place of residence and perform their labour functions.

Khrenin, Minister of Defence of Belarus, added that the composition of the "militia" is already being formed: "everyone should be able to own weapons and protect their home. This is the basis that is laid down in the creation of the people's militia."

Quote from Khrenin: "The main task for the people's militia remains to protect first of all their homes, their property, and implement measures to ensure law and order together with the police...

The people's militia is people, volunteers who have come. We give them weapons, and they will only perform their task at home.

It will be headed by the governor, chairman of the district executive committee, village council together with representatives of the Ministry of Internal ]Affairs. First of all, these are local precinct officers."

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