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Anti-Kremlin coalition already made up of 54 countries

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 03:41
Anti-Kremlin coalition already made up of 54 countries

Oleksii Reznikov, Ukrainian Defence Minister, has said that the anti-Kremlin coalition already consists of 54 countries.

Source: Reznikov in an interview with TV channel FREEDOM

Quote: "In fact the anti-Kremlin coalition already consists of 54 countries. There were so many delegations during the meeting, first the Ramstein meeting, and since it took place in Brussels, in addition to the meeting within Ramstein, there was also a meeting of the defence ministers of NATO countries. It was also a big meeting, Ukraine was invited as a guest of honour. And we continued our work."


"If someone thinks that there is a syndrome of fatigue regarding Ukraine, regarding the war, it is not. Our partners are very, very, I emphasise, very determined. They are determined for our victory.

This is a completely different mood than a year ago, when we were given three days for the capital to fall, and three weeks at most for the whole country to fall, and that there would probably be some isolated fighting somewhere. Today, everyone believes in the victory of Ukraine, everyone wants this victory.

Now everyone understands, they see very clearly, that it is very realistic to restrain and defeat this Russian so-called "second army of the world".


And we proved it to the whole world, and that is why the whole world is inspired by the heroism of our defenders, civilians, and all Ukrainians. And they want to be co-authors of our and your victory."

Details: Reznikov gave assurances that no political issues, including negotiations with Russia, are discussed during Ramstein meetings.

"We discuss aid to Ukraine with weapons, getting the military-industrial sector up and running so that they produce shells, weapons, replenish their warehouses to improve our capabilities, and everyone understands that we need to go on a counteroffensive. Everyone understands that we need to stop the Russians, that it is necessary to liberate the temporarily occupied territories," said the minister.

He added that "Russia's goal is the destruction of Ukraine, the restoration of the Soviet Russian Empire, the absorption of Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the restoration of the Berlin Wall."

As Reznikov thinks, "this goal is unattainable for them [Russians – ed.], we will not let them do it, and the civilised world will support us in this."

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