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Russia prepares for mass mobilisation of full-time students

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 08:51
Russia prepares for mass mobilisation of full-time students

A new wave of mobilisation in Russia may affect full-time students in higher education institutions.

Source: Press service of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence

Quote: "The Russian Federation is taking measures to ensure the next wave of mobilisation. Currently, they are actively building up capabilities to ensure the mass mobilisation of students from higher education institutions."


Details: According to Defence Intelligence, so-called "notification stations" are being set up to assist military enlistment offices in delivering enlistment notices to full-time students.


Defence Intelligence found out that, in particular, the leadership of Novosibirsk State Pedagogical, Tomsk Polytechnic, and Tomsk State Pedagogical Universities issued documents obliging the departments of the institutions to allocate a certain number of students and employees to work at "notification stations".


It is planned to involve citizens who are not officially subject to mobilisation. At the same time, at Tomsk Polytechnic University, inclusion in the "stations" takes place without the consent or even prior information of the designated students and staff.

Representatives of the top management of educational institutions are appointed to manage the "stations".


The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine recalls that no additional legal grounds are needed for the next wave of mobilisation in Russia, as the "partial mobilisation" announced in September 2022 has not been officially completed.

The intelligence states that the mobilisation in Russia will probably be carried out before 1 April, the start of the spring conscription. If necessary, the start of the draft may be postponed.

Background: On 18 January, the Defence Intelligence reported that Russia was preparing for a new wave of mobilisation, during which Moscow residents would be targeted in particular.

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