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Not a word about mobilisation: Putin reads his message for almost 2 hours

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 11:54
Not a word about mobilisation: Putin reads his message for almost 2 hours

Russian President Vladimir Putin read his message to the Federal Assembly for almost two hours, but during this time he did not make an announcement of any "victories" of the Russian Federation at the front, nor an announcement of war, nor a new wave of mobilisation.

Source: Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly on 21 February 

Details: Putin began his address with the fact that a year ago he launched the so-called Special Military Operation [that is what Russia calls their war against Ukraine – ed.] supposedly to "eliminate the threat of the neo-Nazi regime" and that "step by step he will carefully and consistently solve the tasks that stand in front of us".


The Russian dictator repeated the familiar "mantras" about the "threat of NATO and the West", about the "supply of weapons to Ukraine", about the "oppression of the residents of Donbas" and that "they started the war, and we [Russia] used force to stop it".

He also repeated again that "the more long-range Western systems will be handed over to Ukraine, the further Russia will be forced to push the threat away from its borders."

Putin also could not avoid the topic of "spiritual staples" and was indignant that Western priests bless same-sex marriages. The Russian dictator promised to "protect Russian children from such degradation".


He spoke of the alleged "full support of the Russians for the Special Military Operation", spent a lot of time thanking "the people, volunteers, military, doctors, drivers who supply to the front, teachers" and promised to "immediately respond to the needs of the families of the killed soldiers".

Putin also stated that the purpose of Western sanctions was to make Russians suffer, but he assures that destabilising Russian society in this way allegedly "failed".

The Russian dictator spoke about the fact that the entire country is now working "for victory", about how all "enterprises are increasing production" and about the "huge prospects" in various industries that are now allegedly "opening up in Russia".

Putin also stated that Russia suspends participation in the New START Treaty.

"Russia will respond to any challenges, because we are all one country, one big and united people, we are confident in ourselves, confident in our abilities, the truth is on our side. Thanks a lot," Putin concluded.


  • Putin last addressed the Federal Assembly on 21 April 2021. Then, the Russian dictator threatened the West with a harsh response to actions that, in his opinion, would threaten the security of the Russian Federation.
  • In less than a year, Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • In December 2022, it was reported that Putin cancelled the press conference and the annual message to the Federal Assembly.
  • One of the reasons for the cancellation was named by the media outlets: the situation at the front.

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