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Biden addresses Russians: US not going to attack Russia

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 17:54
Biden addresses Russians: US not going to attack Russia

US President Joe Biden has turned to the Russians and assured them that the US has no intention of committing aggression against their country. According to Biden, the USA and Europe have never threatened Russia.

Source: Biden on 21 February, during his address in Warsaw

Quote: "I would like to address the citizens of Russia. The United States does not want to destroy Russia, it is not going to attack Russia.


Millions of Russian citizens want to live in peace with their neighbours. They were never enemies. This is a tragedy. President Putin chose war, and how long the war lasts is his choice. He can stop the war.

If the Russian Federation stops the attack and withdraws from Ukraine, the war will end. If Ukraine stops, it will be the end of Ukraine.

I am sure that Ukraine can stand up for itself."


Details: According to him, the USA and Europe have never threatened Russia.

In his speech, Biden mentioned that only yesterday, 20 February, he visited Kyiv: "And I will tell you – Kyiv is standing. Kyiv is free."

According to him, Russia will never be able to boast of a victory over Ukraine. The struggle may be long, but the US and its allies will continue to support Ukraine, Biden said.

The US president noted that the Russian Federation is committing atrocities against the Ukrainian people, and it is disgusting.

He added that on 20 February, he told Zelenskyy that the United States would stand for common values so that we would not be left waiting: "Putin made a mistake when he invaded Ukraine; the Ukrainian people turned out to be very brave and strong… Our support will never shrink. Putin has already lost power, and Ukrainians will continue to fight for their land."

According to him, the Russian president will not be able to restore the empire and will not be able to make people love it.

He also reiterated that Western countries have reduced their dependence on Russian energy resources.

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