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Putin cancels his decree on rapprochement with EU and USA and respect for Moldova's sovereignty

Wednesday, 22 February 2023, 07:27
Putin cancels his decree on rapprochement with EU and USA and respect for Moldova's sovereignty

Russian President Vladimir Putin revoked a 2012 decree on Russia’s foreign policy course that suggested that Russia would develop closer relations with the EU and the USA, and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

Source: Document published on Tuesday, reported by European Pravda

Details: Putin signed a decree on 21 February 2023 that revokes his decree On Measures for Implementation of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation from 2012. 


The new document states that the decree was signed to "ensure the national interests of Russia in connection with the profound changes taking place in international relations". It was put into effect from 21 February. 

In particular, the decree of 11 years ago envisaged that Russia would continue to actively search for ways to resolve the conflict in Transnistria with respect to Moldova's sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral status. 

In addition, the document had consistent implementation of the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty with the USA, also known as New START. Putin announced on Tuesday that Russia was terminating its participation in the treaty


The decree also declared that Russia "would firmly stand for the main principles of the UN Charter that demands to develop friendly relations between states based on equality, respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity". 

The document envisaged the development of relations with NATO and the European Union. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova has stated that it took Putin’s decision into consideration, as reported by Newsmaker.

"We will thoroughly explore the content of a new concept as soon as it is published," said Filip Cojocaruk, the spokesperson for the Ministry. 

He has highlighted that Moldova advocates for peaceful regulation of the Transnistria conflict, as before, and demands the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the republic. 

Background: Dorin Recean, Prime Minister of Moldova, has stressed that the Moldovan government is aware of several potential scenarios of destabilisation in Moldova orchestrated by the Kremlin. 

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