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Zelenskyy on China's "peace initiative": This is not a peace plan, but at least something

Friday, 24 February 2023, 17:31
Zelenskyy on China's peace initiative: This is not a peace plan, but at least something

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not consider China's proposals of settlement of the war in Ukraine to be a peace plan, but sees positive things in the initiative.

Source: Zelenskyy at a press conference on 24 February

Quote: "It seems to me that this was not China's peace plan, not a resolution or a declaration. It is not an infrastructure for anything. I think China has shown its thoughts."


Details: Zelenskyy liked the fact that China started talking about Ukraine, and considers this to be "very good." But the question is, what lies behind those words, what actions will follow them.

The president also positively reacted to the People's Republic of China respecting the territorial integrity of Ukraine, although he didn’t name the country directly.

In addition, according to the head of state, China's view on nuclear security coincides with the interests of Ukraine and the whole world.

Quote: "There are some points that are clear to me, there are opinions that I don't agree with, the whole world does not agree, but, nevertheless, it is something."

More details: In general, according to the president, the fact that China's so-called "peace plan" includes respect for international territorial law and "certain security things" already makes it possible to work with this country.

Quote: "Our task is to bring everyone together to isolate someone [Russia – ed.]."

Background: The Chinese Foreign Ministry has published a so-called "peace plan" with its ideas for the settlement of Russia's war against Ukraine. The document consists of 12 points.

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