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Puppet leader of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Rohov reports car blown up in Enerhodar

Friday, 3 February 2023, 07:18
Puppet leader of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Rohov reports car blown up in Enerhodar

A car blew up in the temporarily occupied city of Enerhodar in Zaporizhzhia Oblast on the morning of 3 February. The occupation authorities have called it a terrorist attack. 

Source: Volodymyr Rohov, the Kremlin-appointed puppet leader of Zaporizhzhia Oblast, on Telegram; RIA-Melitopol news outlet 

Quote from Rohov: "Approximately at 07:50, a loud explosion rocked the city of power engineers. [...] What caused the explosion in Enerhodar? The cause of the explosion that rocked the city this morning was a car that blew up.


As per the information available, one person was killed in the terrorist attack. Specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and security forces are already on the scene."

Details: As a result of the explosion, a policeman was killed, Rogov later reported.

Rohov has said that "the force of the explosion of the car in Enerhodar was so strong that windows shattered in residential buildings up to the ninth floor"; in addition, at least one more car was destroyed that was parked near the blown one. 

The fire has already been extinguished. Bomb disposal experts are checking for any explosives in order to avoid a second explosion.

According to RIA Melitopol, the preliminary conclusion is that an explosive device detonated.

The local TV channels reported the car belonged to Yevhen Kuzmin, a collaborator and police officer. 

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