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Ukraine needs infantry fighting vehicles more than tanks

Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 09:28
Ukraine needs infantry fighting vehicles more than tanks

Out of all the types of armoured vehicles, Ukraine needs the tanks that have attracted so much media attention in recent weeks the least, says Michael Kofman, a leading Western analyst and director of Russian Studies at the Center for Naval Analysis in Arlington, Virginia.

Source: BBC News Russian service, referring to Kofman's podcast, War on The Rocks

Details: The expert says that Ukraine needs infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) much more than tanks, and in large quantities. The fact that hundreds of so-called "tank killers", Bradley IFVs, have been promised to Ukraine is more important than the Leopards.


Kofman says that IFVs are needed both to repel the upcoming Russian offensive and for a counteroffensive by Ukraine later – probably in late spring or early summer.

The analyst noted that "Ukraine can expect to lose hundreds of vehicles" during any offensive operations, even the most successful, but, in his opinion, new supplies will cover these losses.

Kofman also noted that Russia was unlucky that the winter in Ukraine and other European countries was warmer than usual. This has led to the fact that the power required in Ukraine was lower, as well as gas use in European countries.


Meanwhile, the expert suggests, the number of missiles that Russia is firing at Ukraine during bombardments "is beginning to decrease to the number of missiles that they can produce in a month".


  • On 31 January, the United States announced that it had sent the first batch of more than 60 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.
  • On 25 January, the German government officially announced the decision to transfer Leopard 2 main battle tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to allow re-export to other countries that also want to do so.
  • US President Joe Biden confirmed his intention to transfer 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, which is equal to one Ukrainian battalion, to strengthen its defence capabilities against the backdrop of Russian aggression. The USA announced that, together with the tanks, they would provide training to the Ukrainian military and supply spare parts as soon as possible.

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