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Zhytomyr returns to blackout schedules due to Russian attack

Thursday, 9 March 2023, 16:14
Zhytomyr returns to blackout schedules due to Russian attack

Approximately 50% of Zhytomyr, as of 16:40 (Kyiv time), remains without electricity due to the night attack of the Russians, the city will temporarily return to scheduled blackouts.

Source: Serhii Sukhomlyn, Zhytomyr Mayor, at a briefing at the Ukraine Media Center – Ukrinform

Quote: "Last night, a missile strike was carried out with the help of Shahed UAVs on the energy infrastructure of Zhytomyr. The consequences were quite tricky for Zhytomyr, because by the morning, there was no water in people's taps, and the water utility and other objects of Zhytomyr were de-energized. And only at lunchtime did they start partially connecting some things.


Currently, approximately 50% of Zhytomyr is without electricity. I think about an hour, and Zhytomyr will be shut down again.

We have connected some critical infrastructure facilities to generators: these arе water utility facilities, these are teplokomunenergo [a company providing heating and other utilities, usually for an oblast or city – ed.] facilities – this is how we are trying to stabilise the situation."

Details: Sukhomlyn confirmed that electric transport does not work in the city. The authorities have brought buses to the routes, although there needs to be more.

"Today we will again switch to electricity supply schedules (...). Approximately 2-2.5 weeks – and with the supply of electricity from other regions, the electricity supply should improve," he said.

By the evening, depending on the capacity and what the oblast will receive from other oblasts, the shutdown schedules will be established, the mayor informed.

Presumably, industrial enterprises will need to switch to different work schedules to alternate in electricity consumption.

As for heat, according to the mayor, several alternative fuel boilers have been launched in the city, and modular boilers can be switched from district to district. 

Sukhomlyn said that in Zhytomyr there were no casualties among the population. There is no destruction in residential areas of the city.

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