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White House currently does not know who leaked classified documents

Tuesday, 11 April 2023, 00:57
White House currently does not know who leaked classified documents

The US presidential administration does not yet know who is behind the leak of classified military documents.

Source: John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, at a briefing in the White House

Quote: "We don't know what's in these documents; we don't know who's responsible for this; and we don't know if those who did this have more documents they want to post."

Details: Kirby clarified that after the audit, it will be known what part of the posted documents is fake and which is real.  


The official also said that Joe Biden was first informed about the incident at the end of last week.

"He was informed and in contact with national security officials throughout the weekend," Kirby said.

He noted that due to the leaked documents, US officials "have been in very high-level communication with relevant allies and partners over the past few days".



The US Department of Defence is still assessing the extent of the leak of classified information in recent weeks, which included information on the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the actions of US allies. 

The US State Department claims that the incident with the publication of classified documents from the US Department of Defense will not affect its support for Ukraine in its war with Russia. 

Earlier, the US Department of Justice launched an investigation into the leak of a huge number of US intelligence documents that have been posted on social media in recent weeks.

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