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Russians cut throats of Ukrainian prisoners after interrogations

Thursday, 27 April 2023, 12:00
Russians cut throats of Ukrainian prisoners after interrogations

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has received confirmation that the occupiers brutally execute Ukrainian prisoners of war after interrogation.

Source: audio of a Russian serviceman’s conversation posted by the SSU

Details: It is noted that the SSU intercepted this call on Ukraine’s eastern front.


The soldier tells a woman in detail about how he cuts a person's throat. He adds that he has done it plenty of times and that it has to be done at night.

"People who are prisoners of war... there’s no point keeping them because we’ve got all the information out of them. There’s no point keeping them any longer. So... they need to be disposed of."

The SSU notes that it has already identified the executioner, his personal data, place of service and social circle.

The man in the audio is Yevgeny Suchko from Russia’s Novgorod Oblast, born in 1995. He was drafted into the military in autumn 2022, and since then, he and his unit have been deployed in Kharkiv Oblast.

Quote from the SSU: "The SSU is working to ensure that this Suchko and every war criminal from the Russian Federation are punished for their atrocities. The Ukrainian intelligence service is investigating more than 35,000 criminal proceedings with respect to violations of the laws and customs of war."

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