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Rescue dog falls asleep on rubble in Uman after hours of searching for people

Friday, 28 April 2023, 19:50
Rescue dog falls asleep on rubble in Uman after hours of searching for people
Rescue dog Ninja sleeps after a hard day's work

A rescue dog fell asleep on the rubble after multiple hours of searching for people in the ruins of an apartment building in Uman, which was hit by a Russian missile on the morning of 28 April.

The photo of the animal was posted by photographer Yan Dobronosov, and volunteer Kateryna Peshko, who is friends with the dog's owner, told more about it.

In the photo, a dog named Ninja is lying on the road, which is covered with stones and tree branches, next to his owner’s boot.


Quote: "After working for several hours in Uman, where the Russians hit an apartment building with a missile, where the number of victims had increased to 20… In the conditions of training, of course, it is difficult to imagine how a dog could fall asleep on the rubble," Kateryna wrote.

In an interview with Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia, the woman explained that she has her own search dog and is a volunteer in the SARCan Canine Search and Rescue Team.

Ninja is the dog of her trainer, Olha Bibikova, who works at the Mobile Rescue Center of Rapid Response of the State Emergency Service of Kyiv. Today they work together in Uman.

Kateryna added that Ninja is one of the Ukrainian dogs that worked on the rubble after the earthquake in Türkiye.

"Training and work in real conditions are different... People are under the rubble, their relatives are crying around you. Work sessions will be longer and far from always successful," the woman added.

Background: Russian forces launched a missile on a nine-storey apartment building in the city of Uman on the night of 27-28 April. So far, 23 people, including 3 children, are known to have been killed in the attack. 

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