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Explosions thunder in Ternopil, building on fire

Sunday, 14 May 2023, 00:51
Explosions thunder in Ternopil, building on fire

Serhii Nadal, Mayor of Ternopil, Head of the Ternopil Regional Council; Mikhailo Holovko on Facebook

Update: As of 23:40 Nadal said that a non-residential building was on fire in Ternopil; rescue workers were at the scene.

In turn, Mykhailo Holovko, Head of the Ternopil Oblast Council, wrote: "According to early reports, there was a strike in the industrial zone of Ternopil."


Explosions have rung out during a Russian air-raid in the city of Ternopil; the authorities have been urging residents not to leave their shelters.

Source: Suspilne (Ukraine's public broadcaster); Head of Ternopil Oblast Military Administration Volodymyr Trush, on Telegram

Details: Suspline reports that explosions thundered in Ternopil.

At the same time, Trush urged residents to go into hiding, and later wrote again: "Please stay in the shelters!!!"

Serhii Nadal, Mayor of Ternopil, asked residents to stay in a safe place until the air-raid alert is over, and not to post any photos or videos.

Earlier: An air-raid alert was declared in most of Ukraine on Saturday, 13 May. 

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