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Night attack on Kyiv: missile fragments fall on Kyiv zoo, cars damaged, building on fire

Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 05:55
Night attack on Kyiv: missile fragments fall on Kyiv zoo, cars damaged, building on fire

Fragments of a downed missile fell on the territory of the zoo in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi district; more fragments also landed in Darnytskyi, Obolonskyi and Solomianskyi districts in Kyiv. A non-residential building and several cars caught fire in Solomianskyi district, and two more were damaged by missile fragments in Darnytskyi district.

Source: Vitalii Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, on Telegram; Serhii Popko, Head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote from Klitschko: "Explosions in Kyiv. Several in Solomianka district. In Shevchenkivskyi [district], missile fragments fell on the territory of the zoo.


In Solomianskyi district, several cars caught fire after being hit by missile fragments, and a building with an area of 200 square metres was damaged. Rescuers are working on the scene.

In Kyiv’s Darnytskyi district, two cars were damaged after being hit by missile fragments. There is no information about casualties.

According to preliminary information, there are three casualties in Solomianskyi district. There were no casualties at the site where missile fragments crashed in Obolon district.


Fragments of a UAV fell in a forest park in Darnytskyi district, but didn’t cause a fire."

Details: Early reports from the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration indicate that the vast majority of Russian targets were detected and destroyed in the sky over Kyiv.

"The enemy deployed UAVs, cruise missiles and likely ballistic missiles to launch a multi-pronged attack from different fronts. [The attack] was exceptional in its intensity, with the largest number of missiles attacking [Kyiv] in the shortest amount of time," he said.

According to Popko, the greatest amount of damage was caused by missile fragments that crashed in Solomianskyi district.

"Early reports suggest fragments fell in Kyiv’s Solomianskyi, Shevchenkivskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Obolonskyi and Darnytskyi districts. The greatest damage was caused in Solomianskyi district, where a fire broke out in several non-residential premises and damaged several vehicles. The fire has since been extinguished.

The damage is not significant in the rest of the districts, with missile fragments falling on parked cars, areas near buildings, and a forest park," Popko said.

At the time of his writing, there was no information about casualties, and additional information about the Russian attack was being obtained and verified.

Background: Several loud explosions were heard in Kyiv on the night of 15–16 May, and Ukraine’s air defence systems were activated.

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