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Russia will use incident in Belgorod Oblast to promote narrative of being "war victim" – UK intelligence

Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 09:23

The UK MoD believes Russia will use the latest incidents on its border to promote its official narrative of being a "victim of war".

Source: UK Defence Intelligence, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The UK analysts noted that Russian security forces evidently clashed with resistance forces in at least three areas in Belgorod Oblast between 19 and 22 May 2023. The institution reported that Russian anti-regime groups claimed responsibility for these events.


Quote: "The most serious incident took place near the town of Grayvoran. As well as small-arms fire fights, there was an uptick in drone or indirect fire attacks near the incidents. Russia has evacuated several villages and has deployed extra security forces to the area," UK MoD said.

Details: The analysts have stated that Russia has been facing an increasingly severe multi-domain security threat in its border areas, particularly the loss of combat aircraft, attacks with improvised explosive devices on railway tracks, and now direct partisan action.

"Russia will almost certainly use these incidents to support the official narrative that it is the victim in the war," UK Defence Intelligence stressed.

Background: Earlier, the UK MoD stated that the defences that Russia built underscored its deep concern that Ukraine could make a major breakthrough but also partly served to promote the narrative of a "threat" allegedly coming from Ukraine and NATO.

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