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Medvedev says war in Ukraine will last for decades and threatens nuclear strike again

Friday, 26 May 2023, 11:58
Medvedev says war in Ukraine will last for decades and threatens nuclear strike again
Dmitry Medvedev, photo by RIA Novosti

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, has stated that the "military conflict" in Ukraine will last "for a very long time" and once again threatened a "preemptive nuclear strike" – now apparently because of the supply of nuclear weapons to Ukraine.

Source: Russian propaganda publications TASS and RIA Novosti, citing remarks made by Medvedev during his visit to Vietnam

Quote from Medvedev: "This conflict will last a very long time. Decades, for sure. This is a new reality, a new environment. As long as there is such a government, there will be, say, three years of a truce, two years of conflict, and it will all happen again. The very nature of the Nazi power in Kyiv has to be destroyed."


Details: Medvedev also added that if Ukraine receives nuclear weapons from its Western allies, Russia will apparently have to launch a pre-emptive strike.

Quote from Medvedev: "Then that will mean that a missile with a nuclear charge will strike them. There are irreversible laws of war. If it comes to nuclear weapons, it will be necessary to launch a preventive strike."

Details: The Russian official did not specify whom exactly this strike would target.

He also stated that the occupiers have enough shells, and the Russian defence industry has supposedly adapted and increased the production of weapons.

In addition, Medvedev claimed that Russian defence enterprises have started to introduce "trophy technologies" that were captured during the war.

Medvedev once again repeated the typical narrative that it was not Russia that attacked a sovereign country, but Europe, "constantly heating up the situation in the conflict zone in Ukraine by its decisions", and the US, who he says wants to "destroy [its] centuries-old enemy", that is, Russia.

He also said negotiations with Ukraine are impossible while Zelenskyy is in power, but at the same time added that "all proposed plans for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict must be examined."

Medvedev also urged Russians not to leave the country in "difficult times", saying that "a decent person should live in his own country and abide by the conditions in which he lives."

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