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We should have listened to you regarding Russia − Macron addresses Eastern Europe

Wednesday, 31 May 2023, 22:29
We should have listened to you regarding Russia − Macron addresses Eastern Europe
Emmanuel Macron, photo from Facebook

French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that his country should have paid more attention to Eastern European countries that warned of the threat from the Russian Federation.

Source: Macron during a speech at the GLOBSEC forum in Bratislava, reports European Pravda, referring to Reuters 

Details: Macron stressed that there should be no division between "Old Europe" and "New Europe", referring to the long-standing disagreements between the EU's eastern and western members, particularly over the Russian issue.


"Some said you had missed an opportunity to shut up. I think we also lost an opportunity to listen to you. This time is over," Macron said.

He was alluding to former French President Jacques Chirac's statement in 2003 that Eastern European states that supported the United States and Britain in their decision to invade Iraq had missed a "good opportunity to shut up".

The French President stressed that Russia had suffered obvious failures in the war against Ukraine.

"War is far from over but one thing is clear: Ukraine won't be conquered. We can see that what was supposed to be a 'special operation' is already a geopolitical failure," Macron said.

Background: Earlier, Macron stated the need to provide Ukraine with "tangible and reliable security guarantees".

He also stressed that the West should do everything possible to help Ukraine conduct an effective counteroffensive since it "gives a chance to establish a lasting peace".

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