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Bomb shelters in Kyiv will always be open – Kyiv City State Administration

Thursday, 1 June 2023, 17:18
Bomb shelters in Kyiv will always be open – Kyiv City State Administration
Screenshot from press briefing

The Kyiv City State Administration reported that there is no other solution than to keep all bomb shelters in the city open at all times.

Source: Roman Tkachuk, head of the Department of Municipal Safety of the Kyiv City State Administration, at a press briefing on 1 June

Quote: "Today the decision was made to have them [the shelters – ed.] open at all times. Earlier, it had been argued that we cannot keep them open all the time, since they were recently repaired and homeless people would use them as shelters…


But we have no other solution than to keep the bomb shelters open all the time, as in the past few days Russia has been attacking us with ballistic missiles."

Details: Tkachuk reported that inspections of bomb shelters have been carried out since 2014. Almost 13,000 basements were inspected in Kyiv during this period, but only about 3,500 of them meet the basic requirements and can be used as defensive structures.

He added that the newest bomb shelter in Kyiv was built in 1985.


  • Yaroslav, a resident of the Ukrainian capital whose wife was killed in the Russian missile attack on 1 June, has said that people ran to the shelter at night, but no one opened it for them. The Kyiv Prosecutor's Office is conducting investigations at the medical facility where the shelter was closed during the Russian missile attack on the night of 31 May-1 June.
  • The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ihor Klymenko, later also announced that the Kyiv police have started criminal proceedings under Art. 367.2 of the Criminal Code (Neglect of official duties that caused serious consequences).

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