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Chechen leader Kadyrov says he found his right-hand man

Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 17:39
Chechen leader Kadyrov says he found his right-hand man

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has claimed that Adam Delimkhanov, an MP at the State Duma [the lower chamber of the Russian parliament – ed.] and Kadyrov’s right-hand man, is "alive and well and not even wounded".

Source: Kadyrov on his Telegram channel 

Details: Kadyrov has claimed that he knew from the very beginning that Delimkhanov's injury was a piece of fake news, but decided to "add fuel to the fire" in order to "demonstrate to everyone, especially Ukrainians, to what extent their media have sunk."


As proof, Kadyrov has posted a photo of himself and Delimkhanov sitting on the grass. The caption to the photo says that Delimkhanov, Kadyrov and other "heroes of Russia" are supposedly still working.


At the same time, there is no evidence that this photo is recent.

Background: Earlier, the Russian media outlets reported that Adam Delimkhanov was injured in Ukraine. Before that, information about the assassination of Delimkhanov even appeared online.

At the same time, Kadyrov said that he allegedly could not get in touch with Delimkhanov.

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