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Police post shocking footage of rescue operations in Kramatorsk

Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 20:18
Police post shocking footage of rescue operations in Kramatorsk

The patrol police have posted a video of emergency workers pulling people out from under the rubble in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast. The Russians hit the city with Kh-22 missiles at 05:00.

Source: Oleksii Biloshytskyi, First Deputy Chief of the Patrol Police Department, on Facebook

Details: Biloshytskyi said the Russian missiles had destroyed dozens of houses, some of which were the homes of patrol officers from the Kramatorsk and Sloviansk battalions.


As a result of this act of terrorism by the Russian Federation, two people were killed, and two others were injured.

The search and rescue operation took several hours.

The video shows the crew of Ihor Postashchuk, Yevhen Volokha and Andrii Voronchykhin, who were the first to arrive at the scene and began rescuing people.

Thanks to the coordinated actions of the police, emergency workers, paramedics and neighbours, it was possible to pull a woman and a man out from under the rubble.

In the video, emergency workers clear away the rubble and find a woman who is moaning loudly.

Background: On the morning of 14 June, the Russian army launched missile attacks on the cities of Kramatorsk and Kostiantynivka in Donetsk Oblast. Three people died, and three more were injured.

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