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Family of Odesa military draft chief owns properties in Spain worth millions of dollars. Official claims "no clue" about this

Thursday, 22 June 2023, 11:15
Family of Odesa military draft chief owns properties in Spain worth millions of dollars. Official claims no clue about this

The family of Yevhen Borysov, military draft chief in Odesa, has purchased property and cars worth millions of dollars on the Spanish coast during the full-scale war. Records from the Spanish registry evidence this, although Borysov himself claims that he does not know whether his family has any property in Spain.

Source: "Spain Battalion". Ukrainska Pravda visits Odesa military draft chief and other Ukrainian millionaires

Details: Two months following the exposure of information that Borysov's family had acquired a villa in Spain worth over €3 million, and that his wife purchased an office space on the main street of the Spanish city of Marbella, and several expensive cars, Ukrainska Pravda (UP) has obtained records from the Spanish registry for both the villa and the office space.

Borysov's mother’s villa

The records show that the office and the villa are still registered to Borysov’s family.

UP's journalists also spotted a 2022 Mercedes-Benz B-class electric car in Spain near the Odesa military enlistment chief's estate. The price of such a car starts at US$100,000. The vehicle is registered to Borysov's mother, as is the villa.

A few kilometres from the cottage community of Sierra Blanca lies Marbella's central avenue with its most expensive restaurants, shops and five-star hotels. This is where the office space the military official's family purchased in early 2023 is located.

Borysov's wife’s office space

Moreover, the Odesa military enlistment chief has acquired another brand new 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV this year. The car is registered to Borysov's mother-in-law.

The car, worth about US$100,000, is the third car purchased by the family of the Odesa official since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. The total value of this vehicle fleet is about US$500,000.

Borysov, a military enlistment officer since 1996, first claimed in a telephone conversation with UP that his family owned nothing in Spain and then, when asked about records from the local register, said that his wife was engaged in retail trade there and that he was staying out of this business.

He also claimed that he had no idea whether his family had purchased property on the Spanish coast. As he said, his wife was supposed to tell him later and was currently working on the paperwork.

As for his mother-in-law's car, Borysov said she had sold her old vehicle and bought a Land Cruiser.


Furthermore, UP journalists noticed the brother of the driver of the Odesa military official driving one of the cars belonging to Borysov’s family in Spain.

Ihor Nikolaiev

Mykhailo Nikolaiev, a driver for Borysov in Odesa and an employee of the Odesa Oblast Territorial Centre for Recruitment and Social Support.

Speaking to UP, Mykhailo Nikolaiev said he did not know whether his brother Ihor was working for Borysov's family in Spain, also claiming he was not Borysov's driver.


Nikolaiev also claimed that he had no idea what his brother was doing in Spain but that he could leave the country because he was "a disabled person".

Ihor Nikolaiev, 20, was spotted by UP driving the car that belongs to the Odesa military official’s mother. He was following the vehicle of the UP crew.

According to UP's sources in the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, Ihor Nikolaiev received his passport only in 2022, during the full-scale invasion. He has left the country twice — the first time for four months, and the second for five.


  • In April 2023, former lawmaker Ihor Mosiichuk said that Borysov's family had acquired an estate on the Spanish coast worth over €3 million late in 2022. The property is registered in the name of Borysov's mother.
  • According to the former lawmaker, the military official's wife ended up owning an office space on the central street of Marbella.
  • The family also owns a Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen.
  • The total value of all this property acquired during the full-scale war is about US$4.5 million.
  • Following the exposure of this information, he was suspended from office, and the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) launched an investigation into the abuse of power by Yevhen Borysov, Head of the Odesa Military Registration and Enlistment Office, during the draft of conscripts.

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