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military enlistment office

Many videos about conflicts between military-age Ukrainians and enlistment offices are Russian PSYOPs – Ukraine's Ground Forces

​​UP's position on enlistment of Ekonomichna Pravda's editor-in-chief

Editor-in-chief of Ekonomichna Pravda joins ranks of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ekonomichna Pravda editor-in-chief detained by enlistment office, his communication devices seized

Call-up notice as revenge: Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office launches case over obstruction of journalists' activity

Commander of Ukraine's Ground Forces: Military enlistment office's system not perfect, but insulting its employees is unacceptable

Pressure through call-up notice: Ukrainian media association calls for proceedings to be opened against Security Service and enlistment office staff

Ukraine's Security Service chief says situation with draft notice for journalist will be addressed

Ukraine's Security Service uses military enlistment office as revenge against journalist for investigation – video

Ukrainian government allows enlistment offices to work round the clock during mobilisation and martial law

Police and enlistment office workers looking for Russian saboteurs in Kyiv's Obolon district – photo

Zaluzhnyi dissatisfied with enlistment offices' performance but believes they will manage

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigations opens proceedings over video of conscripts being battered in Ternopil

Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner launches investigation into video of conscripts being battered in Ternopil

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief appoints Hero of Ukraine as chief military commissar of Lviv Oblast

Mobilisation is intensified in Kharkiv Oblast – Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration

Zelenskyy on decision of Security and Defence Council: All oblast military enlistment officers to be fired

Ukraine's Security and Defence Council recommends to Commander-in-Chief who should be appointed as military enlistment officers

Russians ask people not to burn down military enlistment offices, blaming "Ukrainian scammers" for it

9 military enlistment offices set on fire in Russia in one day

21 suspicion notices served for malfunction of enlistment offices and military medical commissions

Results of inspection of military enlistment offices to be available by end of month – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy on Odesa military commissar: This person should not be in the recruiting system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Zelenskyy instructed to dismiss Odesa military commissar and check all others

Odessa military commissar with exposed elite property in Spain stays in his position

Family of Odesa military draft chief owns properties in Spain worth millions of dollars. Official claims "no clue" about this

Soldier killed at front within a month of being drafted. Territorial Recruitment Center conducts inspection