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Electric shock to chest, waterboarding, beatings: how Russians abused women in occupied Kherson

Thursday, 13 July 2023, 14:40
Electric shock to chest, waterboarding, beatings: how Russians abused women in occupied Kherson

During the occupation of Kherson, Russian invaders tortured women in detention centres with beatings, electric shock, cold water, threats and humiliation.

Source: Presentation of the report on Ukrainian women held by Russia at a press conference in Ukrinform

Quote of Onysiia Syniuk, legal analyst of ZMINA: "We managed to record cases of torture against five women. [The Russians used] beatings, the use of electric current, the use of water. Water was either poured into the mouth, or a cotton cloth was pulled over the head, the water poured on it, and when it dried, it contracted and did not let air pass. Electric shock was applied to the bare chest."


Details: According to Syniuk, human rights defenders of the ZMINA Human Rights Centre collected testimonies of victims and witnesses. In particular, about 30 women were identified, who at different times were kept on the premises of the temporary detention centre No 1 of the General Directorate of the National Police in Kherson Oblast.

According to human rights activists, women were constantly humiliated. They were forcibly stripped during detention, them and their children threatened with rape. 

Psychological violence was used. In particular, some torture was carried out in cells in the presence of other women to intimidate detainees. The tortures themselves were carried out day and night; screams were heard in all rooms of the isolator.

One of the victims was forced to listen to the cries of her husband, who was held in the cell nearby. For more effective psychological pressure, the doors of both cameras were opened.

The women were detained in violation of all their rights. They were not told why they were detained, or where they were taken.

The number of people in the cells was at least twice the norm. Only five minutes were given for showering. Food was brought once a day, in insufficient quantities, and by evening it turned sour.

There was no medical support, and when a doctor very rarely came, he said that women feigned illness, the activists stated at the press conference. 

After such torture and humiliation, the women suffer from numerous diseases, weight loss, stress, etc. after their release, the researchers report.

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