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human rights

82 Belarusians have received prison sentences for anti-war stance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

ECHR starts hearings on human rights violations in Crimea

Ukrainian police identify Russian soldier and collaborator who tortured Kherson residents – photo

Ukrainian human rights defender Maksym Butkevych disappears in Russian captivity

Now, like never before, we are acutely aware of what it means to be a human being

Man looking for Ukrainian children is tortured in Crimea

Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner presents mechanism for bringing back children deported by Russia

Sakharov Human Rights Centre liquidated in Russia

Kadyrov's son assaults Ukrainian accused of burning Quran

Russians detain 13 Crimean Tatars in Crimea, including two journalists

Russians leave political prisoner without medical assistance after surgery

Two more children brought back home from occupation

Electric shock to chest, waterboarding, beatings: how Russians abused women in occupied Kherson

Fingers broken and documents destroyed: journalist and lawyer brutally beaten in Chechnya

Children's commissioner explains extent of Russia's underhandedness regarding abducted Ukrainian children

ECHR finds that Ukraine violates same-sex couples' rights

Zelenskyy: Russia has killed at least 483 children and is obliterating children's rights

Zelenskyy gets acquainted with plan of children liberation at new Centre for Protection of Children's Rights

Ukrainian woman detained in Russia is safe, but was unable to take her godson with her

Occupiers abducted journalist from Melitopol and kept her in a basement

Zelenskyy arrives at Arab states summit

Russia holds over 20,000 civilians hostage, number to increase after liberation

Militants in "Donetsk People's Republic" sentence Ukrainian marine to 22 years in prison

Human rights activists ask Erdoğan to save Crimean Tatar political prisoners from Russia

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry: It is unacceptable for UN to blame the victim of aggression

Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner responds to UN on "violations" of Russian prisoners of war rights

UN Mission states "both sides are responsible" for human rights violations in Ukraine

Ukraine sends back to Russia all seriously wounded prisoners who could be transported

Russians snipers abused child and gang-raped her mother in Kyiv Oblast

Ukrainian Ombudsman demands that Russia investigate deaths of political prisoners from Ukraine, prepares letter to UN