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Pro-Russian propagandist fined in Latvia for supporting Russia

Friday, 14 July 2023, 13:52
Pro-Russian propagandist fined in Latvia for supporting Russia

Marat Kasem, former editor-in-chief of the pro-Kremlin news agency Sputnik Latvia, was fined EUR€15,000 by Latvian authorities for illegal intellectual and physical support of the Russian Federation.

Source: European Pravda, referring to Latvian television

Details: Pro-Russian propagandist Kasem was detained by the State Security Service of Latvia as part of a criminal process for possible violation of EU sanctions.


It was noted that he works at one of the information resources controlled by the Kremlin, the Russia Today news agency, "disseminating information that backs up the Kremlin's narrative, including regular discrimination against Latvia and its allies".

It is reported that Kasem lived and worked for several years in the Russian Federation and returned to Latvia at the end of 2022.


  • Earlier, it was reported that the Prosecutor General's Office of Latvia fined a citizen of the republic EUR€15,000 for illegal "intellectual and physical" support of the Russian Federation.
  • Prior to that, the District Court of the German city of Cologne fined a native of Ukraine, Yelena Kolbasnikova, for approving Russian aggression.
  • A Reuters investigation identified Kolbasnikova and her partner Max Schlund as part of a pro-Kremlin network of influence agents in Germany. Among other things, they were involved in raising funds for the Russian army.

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