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US reports ammunition shortages in own arsenals

Sunday, 16 July 2023, 19:13
US reports ammunition shortages in own arsenals
Jake Sullivan, photo: Getty Images

The US is running out of ammunition in its own arsenals amid the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

Source: Jake Sullivan, US President's National Security Advisor, in an interview with CNN, as European Pravda reports

Details: According to him, the Biden administration, after taking office, discovered that the stocks of 155-mm munitions, which is standard for NATO, "was relatively low".


Sullivan said the administration also realised that it would take years, not months, to replenish supplies to an acceptable level.

In addition, as Biden's advisor noted, resupply is a difficult task for a country that provides assistance to Ukraine.

Quote: "President Biden ordered his Pentagon to work rapidly to scale up the ability of the United States to produce all the ammunition we could ever need for any conflict at any time. Month on month, we are increasing our capacity to supply ammunition," Sullivan said.


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