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Russia lacks counter-battery weapons – UK Intelligence

Monday, 17 July 2023, 09:54
Russia lacks counter-battery weapons – UK Intelligence

Russia is facing a growing shortage of counter-battery weapons, resulting in challenges on the battlefield.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "Russian ground forces survivability relies on effectively detecting Ukrainian artillery and striking against it, often with its force’s own artillery. A key component of this approach is counter-battery radars, which allow commanders to rapidly locate enemy gun lines.


Russia is suffering from a worsening shortage of counter-battery radars, especially its modern ZOOPARK-1M. Only a handful of the originally deployed ZOOPARK fleet are likely to remain operational in Ukraine."

Details: The UK intelligence reports indicate that in early July, there was evidence of another destroyed ZOOPARK-1M system near the 58th Combined Arms Army's operational area.

Earlier, its commander, Major General Ivan Popov, announced his dismissal, allegedly provoked by his complaint about the state of affairs in the army, in particular, the lack of counter-battery weapons.

The UK MoD believes that Popov's complaints once again prove that artillery remains central to Russia's warfare.

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