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UK intelligence says Ukraine and Russia achieved minor advances on different fronts

Tuesday, 18 July 2023, 09:28
UK intelligence says Ukraine and Russia achieved minor advances on different fronts

UK Defence Intelligence has analysed the situation on the battlefield as of Tuesday, 18 July, stating that Ukrainian and Russian troops have achieved minor advances on the front in the past week.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence, as reported by European Pravda

Details: According to UK intelligence, fighting continued in many areas of the front during the past week, with both sides "achieving marginal advances in different areas".


In the north-east, Russian troops tried to advance westward through the forests near Kreminna.

Ukraine continues to make significant efforts around Bakhmut, which is held by Russia. Here, Russian forces are probably unstable, but they are holding for the time being.

Russian troops continue to attempt local assaults further to the south of Donetsk Oblast, especially around Avdiivka, but they are not having much success.

UK intelligence stated that Ukraine continues to advance on at least two fronts in the south, but it is unlikely that it has broken through the Russia main defensive lines, the analysts said.

Russia has probably implemented a shell-rationing regime in this area, trying to preserve its critical ability to conduct indirect fire.

In Kherson Oblast, Ukraine maintains a small bridgehead on the Dnipro River left bank near the destroyed Antonivka Bridge. This is an additional challenge for the Russian command, who are likely to have concerns about its southwestern flank vulnerability.

Background: UK Defence Intelligence has previously reported that Russia is facing a growing shortage of counter-battery weapons.

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