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White House talks about discussions on cluster munitions between US and Ukraine

Friday, 7 July 2023, 21:25

On Friday, Jake Sullivan, US President's National Security Adviser, has said that the decision to transfer cluster munitions to Kyiv may be announced by the Pentagon, but he has not confirmed this information.

Source: European Pravda

Sullivan confirmed that Ukraine has asked the United States to provide cluster munitions, and Washington recognizes the need for them, especially given the fact that the production of conventional artillery ammunition is not sufficient [to meet Ukraine's needs – ed.].


Secondly, he emphasised, Russia has been actively using cluster munitions since the beginning of this war, causing harm to the civilian population.

"Ukraine would not be using these munitions in some foreign land. This is their country they’re defending," Sullivan said, emphasising that the US cluster munitions "would provide dud rates far below what Russia is providing — not higher than 2.5%."

Sullivan added that Kyiv has also provided assurances to Washington about the careful use of cluster munitions with minimal risk to the civilian population.

"It’s a difficult decision. It’s a decision we deferred. It’s a decision that required a real hard look at the potential harm to civilians. And when we put all of that together, there was a unanimous recommendation from the national security team, and President Biden ultimately decided, in consultation with allies and partners and in consultation with members of Congress, to move forward on this strategy," he clarified while answering questions.

According to the media, citing American officials, the administration of US President Joe Biden will announce a new package of military aid to Ukraine on Friday, which will include, in particular, cluster munitions.

Germany opposes sending cluster munitions to Ukraine, said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

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