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Zelenskyy visits Zmiinyi (Snake) Island on 500th day of full-scale war

Saturday, 8 July 2023, 08:46
Zelenskyy visits Zmiinyi (Snake) Island on 500th day of full-scale war

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has recorded a video address to Ukrainians on the 500th day of the full-scale war.

Source: Zelenskyy on Facebook

Quote from Zelenskyy: "500 days of full-scale war.


Zmiinyi. A free island in a free Ukraine.

I am grateful to everyone who fought here against the occupiers. We honoured the memory of the heroes who gave their lives in this battle, one of the most important during the full-scale war.

Glory to every man and woman who is fighting for the sake of security in our Black Sea!"

Details: Kyrylo Budanov, the Chief of Defence Intelligence, and Andrii Yermak, the Head of the Office of the President, came to the island along with the president and the military.

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Background: Zelenskyy visited Türkiye yesterday, on 7 July.

The day before yesterday, he was in Czechia, and the day before that, he was in Bulgaria.

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