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Russian secret services recruited Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Saturday, 19 August 2023, 02:07
Russian secret services recruited Ukrainian refugees in Poland

In Poland, local law enforcement officers have uncovered a group of Ukrainian refugees recruited by the Russian secret services to monitor the transport of weapons for Ukraine and prepare sabotage operations.

Source: The Washington Post

Details: The Washington Post states that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (GRU) instructed recruits to reconnoitre Polish seaports, install video cameras along railways, and plant tracking devices in military cargo.

The Russian secret services also tasked the recruits with derailing trains carrying weapons for Ukraine.

It is reported that the detainees include 12 Ukrainian refugees, one Russian and three citizens of Belarus. A Polish law enforcement officer involved in the investigation told WP that they were tasked with committing arson and murder.

Quote: "The Internal Security Agency of Poland (ABW) said that Russia assembled a team of amateurs, including by using Russian-language postings on Telegram channels in Poland that are frequented by Ukrainian refugees. The tasks were menial — posting fliers or hanging signs in public spaces — and the pay meager. For those willing to complete the assignments anyway, the work then took a more ominous turn. Recruits were paid in cryptocurrencies and wire transfers from untraceable bank accounts."

More details: Polish law enforcement officers discovered the potential saboteurs by accident. A passer-by noticed a camera lens peeking out from behind bushes on an important section of the road and reported it to the relevant authorities. Using camera data and other information, law enforcement officers tracked down the entire group.

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