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Russia supplies Mali with two Su-25s: neither lasted a year

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 11:10
Russia supplies Mali with two Su-25s: neither lasted a year
Photo: Clash Report on Twitter

Russia has supplied Mali with two Su-25 attack aircraft since 2022, but neither of them lasted a year. The last Su-25 crashed on 9 September.

Source: Defense Express

Quote: "The Armed Forces of Mali have lost their only Su-25 attack aircraft - the plane crashed on 9 September near Almoustrat, north of the Gao region, the loss of the attack jet has already been confirmed directly by the country's air force, and footage of the crashed plane has already been shared online."


Details: Colonel Alou Boi Diarra, Chief of Staff of the Malian Air Force, reported that the crash was caused by a technical error and bad weather. The pilots of the attack aircraft reportedly managed to eject.

The media notes that the crash involved an Su-25 with registration number TZ-25C, which Russia supplied to Mali's armed forces in January along with Mi-8 helicopters and L-39 aircraft. This means the Russian attack aircraft served the Malians for about eight months.

Another Su-25, which the Russian Federation delivered to Mali in August 2022, crashed on 4 October of the same year at Gao International Airport, having been in service for less than two months.

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