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Pentagon calls Ukrainians' actions on battlefield "extremely effective"

Friday, 8 September 2023, 00:17
Pentagon calls Ukrainians' actions on battlefield extremely effective
Sabrina Singh. Photo: AP Photo

The Pentagon considers the Ukrainian forces’ actions on the battlefield to be extremely effective and has a positive assessment of the results of Ukraine’s Armed Forces’ use of Western weaponry.

Source: Sabrina Singh, Deputy Press Secretary of the US Department of Defense, at a briefing, cited by Ukrinform

Quote: "Ukrainians are extremely effective on the battlefield. We see how the progress in their counteroffensive has been achieved. We are watching how and where they [Ukrainian soldiers – ed.] use cluster munitions. We think they are using them efficiently and responsibly."


Details: Singh also remarked that the Ukrainian Defence Forces are highly skilled at using the long-range Storm Shadow missiles and equivalents provided by Ukraine’s Western allies. She refused to comment, however, on the prospect of the US sending ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

Background: On 6 September, Pentagon announces new US$600 million military aid package for Ukraine.

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