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Israel kills Hamas Economy Minister

Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 16:30
Israel kills Hamas Economy Minister

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), has announced that the Israeli army has killed Jawad Abu Shamala, Hamas' Minister of Economy.

Source: Hagari on Twitter (X)

Quote: "Tonight [on the night of 9-10 October – ed.], an IDF aircraft killed Jawad Abu Shamala, the Minister of Economy of the Hamas terrorist organisation.


He was in charge of the organisation's finances and allocated funds to finance and manage terrorism inside and outside the Gaza Strip."

Details: Hagari also stated that "one of the senior members of the political bureau of the Hamas terrorist organisation, who served as the head of the organisation's national relations department," had been killed as well.


Hagari said that the dead official’s name is Zakaria Abu Mamar, "the Minister of National Relations in the political bureau of the Hamas terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip".

According to Hagari, Zakaria Abu Mamar was responsible for "decision-making in Gaza, internal relations and coordination between Gaza organisations".


  • On 7 October, Hamas launched a large-scale missile attack on Israel, with fires breaking out in cities. As of the afternoon of 10 October, the death toll in Israel had exceeded 1,000, with over 3,418 people injured.
  • Israel has regained control of all areas on the border near the Gaza Strip and announced a "complete siege" of the Gaza Strip. So far, according to media reports, there has been no ground invasion.

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